VIP 12W/m

Product description
  • Flexible, cuttable 12W/m LED strip, perfect for creating light installations;
  • High quality light color conforming to latest EU lighting requirements;
  • IC LED drivers ensure uniform brightness even when powering 12m of strip from one end;
  • High quality Samsung LEDs;
  • LED strip made in EU;
  • 6 year manufacturers warranty (L70 >54 000 val.);
  • IP20 ir IP67 ratings available.

Other information

Electrical data

Item family code

Nominal voltage

Type of current

Nominal current,

Rated power


24 V


0,5  A/m

12 W/m


Item family code



1 24V led strip can be cut every 50mm
2 wires are soldered at both ends of reel in typical product assembly

Photometrical data

Item code




Light output




Warm white


1140 lm/m

95 lm/W



Warm white

1168 lm/m

97 lm/W



Neutral white

1224 lm/m

102 lm/W



Cool White

1252 lm/m

104 lm/W

Temperature conditions

Item family code

Ambient working temperature, ta

Product working temperature

Storage temperature


-30C ~ +300C

Less than 600C  at room temperature 230

-40C ~ +850C 

Standards and declarations of conformity

Declarations of conformity: CE (RoHS is part of CE)

Important: Product is assembled using LED packages that are tested using LM-80 for no less than 6000 hours.

Standard packaging

Product packaging is designed and manufactured based on: EN 13427:2006, EN 13427:2006. Packaging materials can be recycled according to EN 13430:2007

Carton box. Size 187*183*20mm

Carton reel. Size D=190mm h=15mm

LED strip length per reel—5m

Note: installation instructions are included in every box

All information is provided considering 1 meter length. Real life performance may
fluctuate due to tolerances in components used in manufacturing.


1. Cut the required amount of LED strip (see cut recommendations in Table 1).

2. Solder wires using flux. In order to avoid a short circuit – soldering place 
must be insulated using heat shrink. 

3. Mounting surface has to be clean, without any grime, grease and dust. 
Take off security tape and without pressing on the diodes, glue the strip. 
Do not bend the strip more than 1 time and bend it not less than 20 mm radius.

NOTE: Additional cooling is required for LED strips more powerful than 10 W/m.

4.  Select a suitable power supply according to the voltage and the total power of the entire LED strip length.
Selecting a power supply, allow ~30% power headroom.

Connect LED strip to a power supply in accordance with polarity and presented connections schemes.